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MG RV8 Owners Display

We at would like to invited you the MG RV8 enthusiast to display your RV8 on our site.
No Personal particular details will be shown on our site, unless you request us to do so.
The aim of this page is to allow fellow RV8 enthusiast to display your car and any comments you wish to do so.

To have your car displayed, please click here, email submissions will no longer be accepted.

Current Owner: Franck Debuire
VIN:900017 ( British Spec ) in Woodcote Green. My RV8 is an early preproduction car which was used by Rover as a press car prior to the release of the later production cars. It is also the car featured in David Knowles RV8 publications, with K14 MGR number plates, My car has all accessories including Hardtop and is regularly used with my MGB.
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Geoff Day
VIN: 0264 ( UK Spec ) in Nightfire Red.
UKspec car having covered just 22k miles from new. I am the second owner of the car, the first being an MG / Rover dealership. Car owned by myself for 10 years.
The Netherlands
Current Owner: Jim Henderson
VIN: 0265 ( UK Spec ) in Caribbean Blue.
I imported it to The Netherlands from the UK in late 2014. It is fitted with power steering and an Optimax chip. A previous owner was Bryan Ditchman of RV8 notes. It joins my B roadster and CGT
The Netherlands
Current Owner: Carl Radermacher
VIN: 0266 ( UK Spec ) in Caribbean Blue.
Right hand drive, mod.1996 by Bas Gerrits
1993/2006 Bas Gerrits
2010 35.000 miles, very nice car
United Kingdom
Current Owner: David Stewart
VIN: 0277 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
Previously owned by Brian Williams and now mine and receiving TLC to return to as new condition
Joins my MG stable including PA,TD,MGA twin cam, MGB GT, MGB V8 roadster automatic [a one off] Modern MG TF
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Richard Smith
VIN: 0278 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
Electric Windows fitted from dealer when new. I have owned the car since 2009. I have really enjoyed owning and driving the car.
United Kingdom
Current Owner: John Newey
VIN: 0285 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
17” Alloys, Optimax Chip, Koni Shocks, Poly Bushes I sold this car new on 14/6/1993 and then bought it back from the first owner in 2005. This car has complete full service history from supplying dealer Summit Garage in Dudley, I also have every tax disc (until they finished!) and every MOT Certificate too. I remember this MG RV8 coming off the transporter in June 1993 and I was the first to drive it-it was my dream car! I eventually persuaded the first owner to sell it to me in 2005 and I’ve cherished it ever since!
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Ian & Christine Stallard
VIN: 0309 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
This UK car had 3 owners in the first 6 years, then was left unused for 15 years before further neglect for almost 4 years but will be cherished once again. Now up and running again and undergoing cosmetic restoration prior to using in Spring of 2018 when it will be 25 years old
Ruhrgebiet Germany
Current Owner: Philip Irving
VIN: 0318 ( UK Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
15 years in the UK (own owner), 4 years in Holland, 1year in Germany
34k miles and in beautiful condition
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Bill Cole
VIN: 0319 ( UK Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
Original British car, has now covered 45000 miles Have owned car for six years always been my pride and joy, at the moment my car resides in spain, on holiday from the worse 0f the british weather.
Leighton Buzzard
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Val George
VIN: 0330 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
Original, except for previous Waxoyl treatment & the German draught screen accessory, which I've stored & don't use - I like clear rear vision! 31,500 dry miles, 5 previous owners, at least the last 10 years used mainly for shows & kept in near showroom condition throughout. Will be kept in near showroom condition & I will join the MG Car or Owners Club, not sure which yet.
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Ian Lindley
VIN: 0331 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
Optimax chip, Clive Wheatley two box exhaust, uprated shock absorbers, oil cooler
Original UK car, two previous owners in East Yorkshire. Originally registered OAT 1E
First test drove an RV8 on release but it was too expensive at the time. Joins my TDMk11 and a modern TF Sunstorm.
Great car for touring Scotland!
Current Owner: Gunnar Ahlqvist
VIN: 0357 ( UK Spec ) in Nightfire Red.
The car was imported from England to Sweden in 2007. I´m the 2nd owner of tghe car.
United Kingdom

Current Owner: David Williams
VIN: 0360 ( UK Spec ) in Nightfire Red.
Power Steering, Spax Shocks, Single box exhaust,Dissy power amp, Optimax chip, New ECU, Electric and painted mirrors, Burr elm steering wheel and gear knob.
Original UK Model, Complete history from new including sales invoices. Originally purchased in Birmingham on 1st October 1993 from Evans Halshaw Solihull.
I acquired the car on 20th January 2018. The car has only done 14,248 in 28 years. The lady I bought the car from was a social pilot and could not afford both the plane and the car so she sold the car
(Lucky me). I love driving and hearing that burbling sound gives my great pleasure.

United Kingdom

Current Owner: Don Scott
VIN: 0363 ( UK Spec ) in Caribbean Blue.
Originally purchased by Sir Michael Cobham and sold by him to current owner
This UK example is complete with all original purchase documents.

1993 0376 Gillingham
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Malcolm Roots
VIN: 0376 ( UK Spec ) in Le Mans Green.
Original UK spec with two previous owners and full service history.
I purchased the car on the 12th.January 2012. The car is original UK spec and has covered 47100 miles, 2 previuos owners and full sevice history.I have previously owned MGB Roadsters but fell in love with the RV8 after seeing one at a classic car show last year.
1994 0395 Somerset
(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Colin Withers
VIN: 0395 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.

Originally Director's car at Sewards (MG Rover Dealership) in Bournemouth. Two private owners since and 26,000 mile.

1994 0447 Christchurch
(New Zealand)

Current Owner: Terry Faulkner
VIN: 0447 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red.
Ex Japan imported to New Zealand April 2013. Owned originally by John Foster of Winchester, South Canterbury. Purchased by me in May 2017. Nice colour and in great condition

1994 0458 Victoria

Current Owner: Aidan Pavey
VIN: 0458 ( UK Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Imported into Australi March 2013, I am the second Australian owner.

1994 0465 Swansea
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Andrew Selbyt
VIN: 0465 ( UK Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
1994 0468 Montreal (Canada) Current Owner: Michel Foti
VIN: 0468 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue. Completely original, just added a full split tonneau cover, I'm the third owner, first japan 1994 to 2003, second 2003 to 2009 english owner, and now I just import the car here to Canada. I'm very happy and I really enjoy my summer.
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Dan Hickey
VIN: 0469 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue. I purchase my car (Sept 2003) with 28000kms in good condition. I've been a member of the MG Car Club for many years and also own a MG B. The RV8 is everything the MGB should have been if it had stayed in production.
South Australia
Current Owner: John Tamke
VIN: 0470 ( Jap Spec ) In Nightfire Red
17 inch non standard alloy wheels
Imported from Japan by AA Automotive
Current Owner: Hasan Ozok
VIN: 0488 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
Just had the car in Japan, now its on the way to Cyprus.
Current Owner:
VIN: 0495 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
No modifications.
Re-imported from Japan, in very good overall condition.
New Zealand
Current Owner: Ross McRobie
VIN: 0516 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
Imported from Japan with 5139kms registered in NZ on 20/10/1997, had 2 owners, I am the third and the kms are now 43049. Power Steering fitted, slightly lower profile tyres-205 x 60 x 15 Pirelli\'s. Excellent car and complements the other MG\'s that I own-1950 MGTD Concours, 1968 MGB, 1997 MGF and a 1972 MGBGT which I classic race.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner : Stuart Dunston
VIN: 0517 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Imported from Japan in 2002 for a car collector, due to lack of funds didn't buy ( Lucky for me! ) A promotion at work gave me a company car. Sold my much loved MX5, and found my RV8. Totally original. Would like to track down the first owner in Japan.
Wow! I have had MGB's since i was 18, and loved driving them. I still have my 1970 MGB roadster, but nothing prepared me for the RV8. The Power is something else, The handerling is great, a real drivers car. not for the faint hearted.
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Russell Kelly
VIN: 0524 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
I imported my car into Australia myself and had RV8 Cars comply it for registration. My car is used for both pleasure and club outings.

Current Owner: Time Zhao
VIN: 0531 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
One owner in Japan, I'm the fist owner in Australia. I bought this RV8 in from Japan and love it.

Lübeck (Germany)

Current Owner: Heinrich Beyer
VIN: 0533 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Left steering, First delivery to Japan,later on sold to UK and at least to Netherlands.
I bought the car in 3/2014, The MG is in good condition.

West Leederville (Australia)

Current Owner: Scott Pyper
VIN: 0538 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
The only 'known' glass hard top in Australia. Minor interior cosmetic changes
Car has been registered in south and West Australia. It has been a joy to drive despite generating a lot of cabin heat (nice if you live in Norway).


Current Owner: Anders Barkland
VIN: 0541 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
My Car was imported into Sweden in 2003, I was the first to import an RV8 from Japan and since approximately 10 others have been imported.

Current Owner: Phil Green
VIN: 0561 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Electric Power steering and Power windows.
Recently restored in Sydney and modernised.
The paint and leather are beautiful along with a new Hood from England.
(New Zealand)
Current Owner: Adam Ricketts
VIN: 0583 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Imported to New Zealand from Japan in 2017 - I am the 4th owner. 96,000km - so needs a bit of work to bring it back up to new-like standard. I'm in no rush though as I have no plans to sell it, and I like tinkering. I like driving it even more.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Chris Ohly
VIN: 0588 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Original export to Japan, repatriated 2003, five owners
Only done a genuine 6,000 odd miles
Richmond (Canada)
Current Owner: Simon Austin
VIN: 0590 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Moto-Lita steering wheel (installed when purchased).
Car arrived Vancouver 23 Dec/09. Picked up 5 Jan/10.
Flare, tool kit and Japanese owner's manual included with car.
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Jim Dolbel
VIN: 0607 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green, Heritage Certificate has confirmed all original serial numbers including a build date 17th February 1994. Imported into Australia 8 May 1999 (with 1752 Kms ) Complied to Australian Design Rules by RV8 Cars Australia.
Car was in storage for many years and now operational. It is totally original and has all optional equipment and accessories. Kilo meters travelled to date 7000
Seevetal (Germany)
Current Owner: Jens Evers
VIN: 0613 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Bought in Germany 1995
Birmingham (United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Peter Fitzwater
VIN: 0615 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Power Steering [electric]
Reimported January 2005
Owned since Feb 2009
Great car for touring, owned TVRs before and the RV8 is far

Nagano (Japan)
Current Owner: Robert Philcox
VIN: 0616 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
Front and rear Spax krypton filled dampers fitted, handling has now 100% improved. A beautiful Burr Elm Moto Lita steering wheel now enhances the interior perfectly.
Third owner in japan. Has only covered 30,000 kms and is only driven in good weather with the top down!
I Will be returning to England together with the car.
Current Owner: Warren Innes
VIN: 0631 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Power steering,electric ariel, built in battery charger,CD/radio player,green soft cover.
Imported by RV8 Australia from Japan,sat for 5 years in Sydney 1st Aust owners garage,unused exept for once a year annual service.
Purchased by me September 2014 at showing almost 23000km and almost as new condition.
Current Owner: Simon Braun
VIN: 0637 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Good example.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: David Smith
VIN: 0638 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Air con taken out and front fog lights put in.
Japenese inport in 2005.

Current Owners: Paul Edwards
VIN: 0639 ( JAP Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Purchased from Thomas Deveigne Brocklehurst NSW Australia
Very low kilometers only 16,700 concourse condition Imported to Australia from Japan approx 15 years ago.


Current Owners: Swain Kirk
VIN: 0647 ( JAP Spec ) in Woodcote Green

Te Awamuta (New Zealand)

Current Owner: Garry Dyet
VIN: 0651 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Imported from Japan 2015 only 14,000 kms

Victoria (Australia)
Current Owners: Peter Varley
VIN: 0677 ( JAP Spec ) in Woodcote Green
No modifications as yet but I have purchased the EFi & Ignition full upgrade for the MG RV8 from RPI.
Imported from Japan in Aug. 2009.Complied by RV8 Cars. The previous owner traded this car in on a Rolls Royce because he had trouble with the closeness of the pedals.
This car has only done 23000kms. There is some minor sorting out to do. Like fixing a seized condenser fan.I own a Sunbeam Alpine and chose the MG over a Sunbeam Tiger (cheaper & rarer).
Current Owners: Alberto M Roxo Cruz
VIN: 0681 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Re-imported to GB in 2002 and exported to Portugal ii 2006.

New Zealand
Current Owners: Phil & Margaret Hall
VIN: 0682 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Imported from Japan at 3640kms and registered in NZ on 12/6/97.
We purchased this car December 04 at 57,000 kms in very good condition with most accessories still with it. Great car to drive and admire and used on MG Car Club outings and pleasure.

New Zealand
Current Owners: Neil Smith
VIN: 0687 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Car imported in to NZ early 2011 and first registered 04/03/2011 with 41543 ks on clock. Car is in excellent conditions

United Kingdom  (Rural)
Current Owner: Jim Rudgley
My 1993 Woodcote Green RV8 was re-imported from Japan and at the time of purchase it had only travelled 8000 kms. Since purchase I have removed the air conditioning and upgraded the ECU with a RPI optimax chip. The advance/retard has also been changed to UK specs. Also pictured is my PT Cruiser another head turner.
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Bruce & Carole Webster
VIN: 0722 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green Built 25th April 1994 ( Heritage Certificate ) I have been a member of MGCC since 1988 and owned several MG B's prior to our RV8.
The RV8 never fails to amaze me with its comfort, performance and head turning ability.
On its importation from Japan in 1999, it was first registered in South Australia and when I bought it, I had it registered in New South Wales on the day of 9/11 – September 11, 2001. As of early 2021, I still own it and it has travelled only 28,000 kms
Current Owner : Russell Ball
VIN: 0727 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Imported from Japan in 2001, all original. Owned since 2003
Current Owner : Ian Wight
VIN: 0729 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
My RV8 has travelled 59,000 kms
Current Owner : Rona Stephane
VIN: 0730 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Imported from Japan to Holland 2002
Imported from Holland to France 2011
If anybody have any document (test drive,etc...) because i have the uk conformity and France need all the test refering to the uk conformity!
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner : Gary Winter
VIN: 0734 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Power Steering (electric) air con removed Front spots fitted Boot rack, Returned from Japan in 1998 with 11k, next owner seemed to use it very little and traded in at Brown and Gammons where the 3rd own purchased and has owned for 13 years and I am now the 4th owner at 25k
A condition one car with air con removed and UK spot lights added
Parua Bay (New Zealand)
Current Owner: Phil and Louise Field
VIN: 0742 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Removed Cadillac converters as one of them developed the dreaded rattle
Imported to NZ approx 2007, 45000km, we are the 3rd owner
Not a perfect specimen but we will get it there, Enjoy the ride and the sound immensely. Was worried about he Tan roof but now we like it alot.
Barcelona (Spain)
Current Owner: Pete Kaum
VIN: 0756 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
First delivery in Germany.
Wiltshire (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Tim Curtis
VIN: 0771 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
Purchased in the UK with 45,000km on the clock in 2003 now has 5,050 miles on the clock.

(United Kingdom)

Current Owner : Steve & Melanie Beale
VIN: 0786 (British Spec) in Le Mans Green
My RV8 has travelled 17,500 miles from new it has had the following modification Clive Wheatley single rear box exhaust, the car is in Mint condition!


(United Kingdom)

Current Owner : Jeffrey Allen
VIN: 0788 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Returned from Japan 2003, Rover badge removed
After a long wait I have finally purchased one of these interesting cars

Brussels Belgium
Current Owner: Philippe Waysse
VIN: 0803 ( British Spec ) in British Racing Green
Member of MG Car Club Belgium, Modified to LHD
Imported by Holland Dealer
Brand New
South Gloucestershire
Current Owner: Roy Heffer
VIN: 0808 ( British Spec ) in Le Mans Green
Having only covered 27000 miles,the car has been well cared for by its previous owners,a tradition I hope to maintain.
This origional UK car is in excellent condition and has full documentation and equipment including full tonneau and tool roll (missing torch if anyone can help?) 300W sound system fitted as an upgrade when the car was sold to the initial owner. Windscreen frame removed,refurbished and repainted.wheels refurbished.
origional UK spec car all history,documents,tools,sales literature etc.

The Netherlands

Current Owner: Henk Klijn
VIN: 0820 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
This car was changed to LHD in 2009 by Classic Cars in Holland.
The car was imported from Japan into Holland in 2008. The first owner in Holland drove 5000km in one year with this car. After being changed to LHD, it is the only LHD with airco in the colour Oxford Blue in the world. I have also change of the tires, shock absorbers and the front suspension. The car now runs perfectly.

Ostbevern Germany
Current Owner: Jvrn Hackldnder
VIN: 0831 ( UK Spec ) in Caribbean Blue
Originally delivered to the Netherlands, 2 owners there and last year bought by me and registered in Germany
she is in very good condition and a real pleasure to drive. We love the Sound !
Current Owner: Ross Freeman
VIN: 0846 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
I knew the car and previous owner. He was the 4th owner. I Purchased from Auction due to accident damage to front bumper, lights, Guards and drivers side chassis
Current Owner: David Farrar
VIN: 0848 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
Sold to Japan in 1994 and imported into Australia in 2000 with 11,000km on the clock, in 2012 the vehicle has 13,000km as it has been in a collectors collection for the past 12 years. MGR V8 #848 is in amazing original condition, it is a credit to it's previous owner, it is a pleasure to drive and pleasure to own.
Current Owner: Christopher Leysen
VIN: 0850 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
The car is completely original.
The car was reimported from Japan to UK and I bought the car in 2009. The car is now immatriculated in Luxemburg with the number plate MG 3900!!
I’m a great MG enthusiast with my only 24 years, in my collection are now an 1964 MG B an 2004 MG ZS an this 1994 RV8. The RV8 is a great car, i love it. Also pictured is my 1964 MG B in chelsea grey.
Western Australia
Current Owner: Nick Ringrose
VIN: 0854 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
Fitted Spax Shock absorbers Fitted Electronic Antenna
Heritage certificate manufactured 28 June 1994.
Purchased in 2007 and first owner in Australia. Vehicle imported from Japan and complied by RV8 Cars Australia.
Purchased in 2007car with 23,000Kms - now done 86,000Kms after traveling most parts of Australia including driving the Nullabor.
Always kept in show condition.
Current Owner: Max Wasson
VIN: 0875 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red
Retaining it’s Original Delivery Books, Full Tool Kit, Hood Bag and Spare Wheel this Japanese Delivered RV8 spent only 4 years in Japan, before being Repatriated to the UK where she was kept in a Private Collection for the Next 11 Years.
Purchased in the UK by an Australian Gentleman in June of 2009 the Nightfire RV8 was then Imported to Australia. After Five Months and $17,000 worth of costs (Freight, Taxes/Duties & Compliancing) the MG was Presented to VicRoads for it’s first Australian Registration.
This gorgeous girl won her Category at the 2013 MG Concourse, Truly One of the Best Examples Worldwide.
Fully road registered with only 11,800 original kms.
1994 0904 Axminster (United Kingdom) Current Owner : Paul Morgan
VIN: 0904 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Registered November 1994
Recently imported ex-Japan, excellent condition. Full Japanese service history, approx 47,000 Kms. Thoroughly checked with local MG Specialist. Drives beautifully. Fully UK registered with 1 year's Tax and MOT.
1994 0908 Bavaria
Current Owner : Oliver Libuda
VIN: 0908 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Changed distributor vacuum advance pipe (japan spec)
Bought this year in July from a german guy who had imported the car from japan by his own.
Car is in great condition, really nice to drive, very rare in the south of germany
1994 0926 Puurs
Current Owner : Jan Verbruggen
VIN: 0926 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Exported to Japan & via England, Now the 1st RV8 registered in Belgium
1994 0928 Merseyside (United Kingdom) Current Owner : Malcolm Pope
VIN: 0928 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Just a change to clear indicators as I think they look better than the amber originals
Japanese re-import. Mileage 18000km on purchase. Presented with Japanese MOT certificates and service history. Woodcote Green - might be common but I love the colour.
1994 0931 Auckland
(New Zealand)
Current Owner : Terry Madsen
VIN: 0931 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
Ex Japan into NZ October 2010
Immaculate car with 12,700 km on clock
1995 0933 Christchurch (New Zealand) Current Owner : Lawrie Steere
VIN: 0933 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner : John Hale
VIN: 0951 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Japanese re-Import in 2001, I purchased it in April 2015 (from Mike Burnside - Worcestershire).
A special car which has been cherished and tastefully improved. I have been gradually refurbishing the classic RV8 issues and it looks, runs and drives accordingly. Mods EPAS, Chrome Wires, Spax Shocks, Brown Hood. Love it!
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner : Doug Machell
VIN: 0953 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Member of Preston & district mg club
Ex Japanese only 23000 miles
The Netherlands
Current Owner : Caspar Hendrix
VIN: 0968 ( Jap Spec ) in Caribbean Blue
Exported to Japan at the beginning of 1996, returned to England in 1999, and imported in Holland in 2008.
Very low mileage car just 9500km
I've been at the introduction of the MGR in Birmingham in 1992, and kept my brochure "The shape of things to come" ever since. It is a milestone to possess a car like this.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner : Chris Beauclerk
VIN: 0969 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
After export to Japan in 1994, the car returned to the UK in November 2009.
A fantastic car with a great sound.
Current Owner : David Sutcliffe
VIN: 0970 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
My car is in excellent confition. I have recently fitted new bilstein shock absorbers all round which has transformed the handling and ride, new green stuff brake pads have also been fitted. I have also been restoring the wheels as the clear coating is breaking down, although time consuming to do the results have been good. I look forward to meeting up with other Victorian RV8 owners.
Coffs Harbour Australia
Current Owner : Michael Guymer
VIN: 1029 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Detailed engine bay
Imported from Japan and complied in Sydney October 2008 with 18400klms. I am the second Australian owner and purchased the car in February 2011 with 21500klms.
Car is original and in as new condition inside and outside and has all log book records and all factory supplied accessories, including air con and original Panasonic Radio/CD player. Previous owner was a mechanic and MG enthusiast and has detailed the vehicle to a very high standard including a chrome detailed engine bay. Number plate is MGR 029.
United Kingdom
Current Owner : David Verity
VIN: 1040 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Re-registered in 2003 imported from Japan I am the fourth owner having purchased the car in April 2011.
Currently in the process of restoring the hood and internal woodwork, otherwise the car is in excellent condition having 40k on the clock.
Hamburg Germany
Current Owner : Henning Aegerter
VIN: 1051 ( Jap Spec ) in British Racing Green
I love the sound of the RV8....
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner : Bruce Duncan
VIN: 1058 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red
Appears to have been imported in South Australia around 2005 from Japan.
Then went to Victoria in 2012 and finally came to NSW in 2018. I have owned it since then
United Kingdom
Current Owner : Jeremy Hinsey
VIN: 1059 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red
The car was imported by its owner from Japan and then two uk owners
After 8 years of MGBGTV8 ownership I had to own and buy my true dream a red MGRV8.
I am so glad I have take this step.
It's a great car and part of a great marque
New South Wales Australia
Current Owner : Michael Bushby
VIN: 1075 (Jap Spec) in Updated stereo by former owner
Purchased from John Walker October 2017
Interior to cleaned up and partially restored
(Western Australia)

Current Owner: Richard Leonhardt
VIN: 1083 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Ex Japan at approx 19,000 km. Complied to Australian compliance by Jim Brown in Launceston, Tasmania in association with RV8 Cars Australia. Sold in early 2005 to Nick Bates of Hobart Tasmania from whom I purchased it in mid 2007 at just under 21,000km. As at March 2021 has covered 60,000km.
Normally spec'd Japanese car with air-conditioning. Has original tool roll. Has required hydraulic system maintenance (stainless steel sleeves and seals) and a clutch replacement at just under 60,000km, mods EPAS

United Kingdom

Current Owner: Julian Parlett
VIN: 1090 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Air conditioning removed, replaced with driving lights. Electric power steering added which makes for more relaxed driving. I am first UK owner since the car was re-imported from Japan in 2014.
It is a great touring car and is in first class condition, though not quite concours as I bought the car to use! I eventually found a space-saver spare so now have enough room for luggage and have visited France, Spain and Portugal in recent years

United Kingdom

Current Owner: Carolyn Norgrove
VIN: 1092 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
One owner in Japan. Heritage certificate no:2006/10186 issued January 2007 when returned to UK. Full service history.
Very impressive car!! Unbelievably fast after driving MGBGT for the last 7 years!! Out driving the Beast at every opportunity!

United Kingdom

Current Owner: Michael Bettridge
VIN: 1095 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Purchased in 1998 sold today to myself, This MGRv8 is in out standing condition and is a credit to the previous owner it is in excellent condition

Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Bob Parkinson
VIN: 1119 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green,Superlite 15" x 6" Wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE001 Adrenalin 205/60R15 tyres fitted to protect the original wheels. Imported from Japan.
Huntingdon (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Don Avery
VIN: 1129 (British Spec) in Nightfire Red, Electric Power Steering, SPAX Shocks, Optimax ECU Chip, Knobmeister Yew Gear Knob. Original UK spec car delivered to first owner by Sergeant & Collins of Bromley, Kent. Sold via Sporting Cars of Ditchling to the 2nd owner in 2003 and then to 3rd owner via Beech Hill Garage in 2009. I purchase the car in Jul 2011 by which time it had amassed 8,400 miles! As of July 2018, the odometer reads just short of 20,000. Power steering and new shocks and tyres made a massive improvement to the driving experience. I love driving the RV8 with the roof down but less so with the top up
Devon (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Tim Hipwell
VIN: 1133 (British Spec) in Oxford Blue, Fitted with 4.6 litre engine and RPi Optimax chip (note matching registration number). New stainless exhaust system also fitted with cat bypass pipes, ommission of a centre box and single large bore pipe to single rear box. Single tail pipe, angled and slash cut to same angles as original twin pipes.
UK spec car but apart from engine modifications also fitted with high tail stop light as per Australian cars.
Queensland (Australia)

Current Owner:
VIN: 1139 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Always maintained in Concourse condition

Essex (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Colin Mitchell
VIN:1142 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
My car was reimported in February 2005 with 14,800 miles from new.
Excellent condition with service history and one previous Japanese owner. Car was purchased from Classic Sportscar Consultants in the U.K.

Cardiff-South Wales (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Kevin Elliott
VIN:1152 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Had car brought in from Japan, with only 2000miles on the clock. It is in wonderful condition (but unfortunately it didn't
come with the helicopter!)
Current Owner: Lissot
VIN: 1160 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green..
My RV8 Returned to England from Japan at the end of 2006.
I then Purchased 1160 at auction and now resides in France.
The RV8 sounds fantastic, sounds like music.
Current Owner: Michael Bernhard
VIN: 1169 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green..
First registered in Japan on 7 February 1995. Reimported to the UK by Fred Jenns in 2007 and purchased by me in september 2008. Licensed in Switzerland on 2 October 2008 with 14`000 km. Has thus covered more kilometres at sea than on the road! My MG stable is now comprised of the RV8 and a 1972 MG BGT on hich I undertook a full running restoration from 1999 (bare metal respray and new interior) to 2007 which ended up with my fitting an Oselli Stage 2, balanced fast road 1950cc engine. Runs beautifully too.
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Current Owner: J. de Hass
VIN: 1170 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
Re-imported from Japan in 2004. After a few years in the UK, The car is now in Amsterdam (Holland) by a MG enthusiastic.
The RV8 is in top-condition with 60.000 km from new. Some work has been done last winter: New Koni shock absorbers, new rubbers for the front and rear suspension, new bump stops were fitted.
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Phil Redhead
VIN: 1171 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
My RV8 was the first in the Sydney MGCC and possible Australia.
(United Kingdom)

Current Owner Andrew Hinton-Lever
VIN:1189 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Built in February 1995, this MG RV8 was, like 80% of them, exported to Japan. It remained there until June 1998, when it re-entered the UK after being bought and imported by MG specialists Brown and Gammons. The car received a new MPH speedometer at the same time, so we are unable to confirm whether the recorded mileage of 6,700 miles is accurate, or reflects only the ground covered since its repatriation Very clean low mileage car and with luck will be sporting a Hoyle IRS in 2018.

Current Owner Greg Sutch
VIN:1201 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
My Car was originally registered in NARA Japan on the 16 Feb 1995. I purchased 1201 in March 2003. The current mileage is 19,000kms and the car is in excellent condition.
(United Kingdom)

Current Owner Tim Smith
VIN:1218 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red.
Power steering, electric wing mirrors,SPAX dampers, Optimax chip
Exported to Japan, returned 2003 Present owners since 2009.

West Wickham
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner Lee Rose
VIN:1228 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red.
Built Dec 1994 ( Heritage Certificate )
Power steering, updated shock absorbers, stainless steel exhaust, electric mirrors, cooling fan delay unit, Torque starter, Optimax ecu chip, ignition amplifier.
History Exported to Japan in March 1995 and repatriated to the UK in 1998.
Owned in Japan by Mr Akama Tosio Tochigi, and then owned by John Bolt until April 2019 when i acquired this beautiful car.
Very Proud and honoured to own this fabulous car which was previously owned by John and Sue Bolt.
John was a historian for the V8 register and an expoert in his field.
It is a credit to John that M22 MGR is in such a wonderful condition and in John's memory i will keep this car and look after her. It is a real pleasure and I feel very luck to be the new owner.
Leicestershire (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Geoff Lloyd
VIN: 1242 Woodcote Green
The dials and meters have chrome surrounds instead of black.
History:  Purchased new and owned by T Katsuura of Nagoya, Japan.
Re-imported to UK by G Lloyd, Leicester, England in December 2002 (through
Comments: Fantastic car, just need some sun so I can get the hood down!!
Wiesbaden (Germany)
Current Owner: Dominik Dürschlag
VIN: 1250 Woodcote Green
Exported from Japan in 2004
MG RV8 is my dream car!
(Andalucia Spain)
Current Owner: Derek Squires
VIN: 1262 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Bought my RV8 in April ’05. Have toured extensively in UK and Europe, and it’s now Spanish-registered and kept at my home in Andalucia, along with my 1952 MG TD. My photo of it, with three other RV8s, was the cover photo of ‘Enjoying MG’ in Feb 2008. Has Optimax chip, uprated fuel booster pump and ignition, Koni dampers and Pirelli P6000 tyres. A superb touring car which turns heads wherever it goes, as the RV8 is a very rare car in Spain. Member of MGOC, MGCC, Axarquia Classic Car Club and all the appropriate registers.


Hamburg (Germany)
Current Owner: Bernd Pielhau
VIN: 1273 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
reimportation of Japan approximately of 2005.
Converted 2007 to LHD at D.Ellison in East Yorkshire
Victoria (Australia)
Current Owner: Michael O'Brien
VIN: 1275 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
My RV8 was reimported to the UK from Japan, Sold to an Australian living there at the time, and sent to Australia as a personal import. I purchased the car in March of 2001 when it had travelled only 8,000km's on land.
My car has won First place in its class at MGCC Melboune's Concours in 2002. It is a true classic, and well respected for exactly what it is: - absolute FUN!
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Gary Stevens
VIN: 1280 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Japan to 1999 then wales, then Lancashire finally I purchased in 2008 to today (2012) now in yorkshire/Lincolnshire
A great car
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Simon Hall
VIN: 1314 (Jap Spec) in Nightfire Red.
Brought from japan in 2017 as a car that needed work first uk owner of the car
engine fully rebuilt top hat lined and cross bolted crank plus other improvements
all most a complete new interior fitted but I am still on the look out for a pair of original seats, many hours and much money spent runs on 16"BBS wheel
(The Netherlands)
Current Owner: Peter Van Ginkel
VIN: 1331 (Jap Spec) in Oxford Blue.
Nicely converted to LHD, new 'woodwork' slightly darker then original
ex Amsterdam motorshow 1995 (RAI) exhibit, first reg. march 20, 1995. Original dutch export spec. with Philips radio/cd.
All docs & tools present.
Purchased april 2008 with 15.500 KM
Great car on open road, not in heavy traffic. Luckily have a 1971 B as well.
Current Owner: Kevin Shine
VIN: 1335 (Jap Spec) in Oxford Blue.
My car is in excellent condition, with only 37,000 kms on the clock.
George Town Cayman islands
Current Owner: David Sargison
VIN: 1341 (Jap Spec) in Oxford Blue.
A/C removed, Four previous owners, I have traced 3. My mid life crisis car
Current Owner: David Marchington
VIN:1364 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Car was first registered in UK 1/4/95. Mileage at present 18,560 ams. Have bought from an old friend. Always wanted to own an MG. Decided to give this one to myself as an 80th Birthday Present !! Better late than never. Will drive it down to South of France next March when hopefully there is no salt on the roads.
New Zealand
Current Owner: Jim Davis
VIN:1379 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Car is virtually brand new. With less than 7800 Kms on the clock. The sills still have the plastic protection on them

United Kingdom
Current Owner: John White
VIN:1379 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red
My RV8 was imported into the UK September 04 from Japan. Vehicle Build Date 24/01/1995. The car is in excellent condition with all the accessories and has travelled only 31,000kms. I'm a member of the MG Owners Club and have registered with the V8 Register.

East Fremantle (Western Australia)
Current Owner: Forbes Watson
VIN: 1390 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red
The car was delivered in Japan in 1995. It was imported into Tasmania by Jim Brown with around 16,000 km on the clock in around 2005. I bought the car in 2013, and in 2021 it has done around 66,000km, including a trip across the Nullarbor.
Queensland (Australia )
Current Owner: Stuart Deacon
VIN: 1395 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Japanese re-imported to Australia estimated 2004, purchased October 2014.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Matt Sheard
VIN: 1397 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Re-imported in march 1999 at 16908 kms
Great little car!
Adelaide (South Australia )
Current Owner: Colin Gore
VIN: 1398 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
I am a member of the South Australian MGCC and have road registered my RV8 in Adelaide
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Stephen Clacker
VIN:1405 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Poly bushes to front anti roll bar, timer extension on fan, LED bulbs all round.
Exported to Japan in 1995, re-imported to UK in 2007.
Brilliant exhaust note and great feeling of comfort and exhilarating acceleration.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Melvyn Cooch
VIN:1418 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Spax suspension kit including poly bushes, RPI performance amplifier and fuel boost valve
Imported back to UK October 2009, Very low mileage example. Only 6709 miles from new.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Martin Cridford
VIN:1422 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
New in Japan - May 1995. Re-imported to UK in late 2015 in very poor condition but with only 44000km (28000 miles). First registered in the UK July 2016 and given a period 'RV8' registration 'M111RVB'. Rolling restoration continues .
Yorkshire (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Geoff Harris
VIN:1433 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
My RV8 was reimported back to the U.K. Feb-March 02 and I took delivery in June. The steering has been modified by fitting an MG F power steering unit by the previous owner, which is superb. I am also an active member of the MG Car Club/MG Owners Club and V8 Register.
Staffordshire United Kingdom
Current Owner: Keith Gracie
VIN:1444 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Built february 1995; exported to japan & registered 30.9.1996. Re-imported to UK 1997. new exhaust system; minlite wheels
Deutschland Germany
Current Owner: G Holst
VIN:1464 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Japan, UK, Germany since December 2009
I bought it in UK in 2009
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Mathieu Picon-Pryor
VIN:1470 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Since importation, 2 owners then myself. Full service history. Imported in June 2006. I am now the third owner and only 12400 miles. Power steering fitted and a single box sport exhaust to enhance the magnificent V8 sound track. Very old school compared to the rest of my collection but great fun
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Paul Mascall
VIN: 1473 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red
I purchase my RV8 after much research and evaluation, then finding one in pristine condition. I also realised there was a wonderful little RV8 cult tucked away within the MG movement which I hoped to become part of. My car has RV8 number plates which I consider a nice touch.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Derek Hollands
VIN: 1483 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Re Import 48904K . Full Jap service history.1st Uk Reg 10.3.2009.1 uk owner 15.3.2010 to Feb 2011,Current owner March 2010 49626 K
Very clean original car with full Jap and UK service history
Riggisberg (Switzerland)
Current Owner: Ulrich Dürig
VIN: 1499 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Reimported from Japan to UK in 2005. I appreciate the good torque of the V8 Engine, best suited for rides in our mountains
Victoria (Australia)
Current Owner: Rowan Barrett
VIN: 1513 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Vehicle was a private import by a person in western australia, then sold to a person in south australia.
I purchase the vehicle in late 2020.
Vehicle has been retrimmed/resprayed by the original importer and is in beautiful condition
Tasmania (Australia)
Current Owner: Wendy Lansdell
VIN: 1514 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Vehicle currently resides in Tasmania with registration MG 1995
Current Owner: Edward Mobberley
VIN: 1551 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Disabled the original alarm immobiliser and installed Cobra alarm immobiliser. Basically in original condition. Imported from Japan approx 2002 and bought the car July 2002.
Owned the car for almost 19 years. We use for touring holidays , a great car for touring.


(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Mark Sitton-Kent
VIN: 1552 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue


Padova City

Current Owner: Max Bottoli
VIN: 1553 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
Ex Holland
25000 KM from NEW
Lef hand drive
only one in Italy
mods Steering wheel, Motolita dished hub, MGB
instruments, Chrome circle, front grille chrome

(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Geoff French
VIN: 1560 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue RPI chip fitted 2008
Spax Krypton filled shocks
New MPH clock fitted 2010
One japanese owner 3500miles only when imported by Fred Jenns in 2008
Love the car.First seen at 1992 Motor Show.
Had opportunity to ride in an early prototype - Niece's husband worked for Rover.

(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Paul Cornell
VIN: 1570 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue. Originally shipped to Japan (1995), back in UK 1998, Two previous UK Owners, Recently purchased making me the 3rd UK Owner.
(Western Australia)
Current Owner: Peter Mittler
VIN: 1581 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
Sydney (Australia)
Current Owner: Rick Marks
VIN: 1587 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue. My car has travelled 44000kms and is in excellent condition. I'm also a member of the MGCC.
Current Owner: David Boniface
VIN: 1589 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
Bought in Japan in 2002, one previous owner, 3600km when I bought it, now around 10,000km (Feb 2004).
Currently being fitted with a 5 litre engine, Stage 3 tuned.
Perth WA (Australia)
Current Owner: Jeff Lindley
VIN:1595 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
In 1993, I first saw a brand new green RV8 on the floor at a Rover dealership in Himeji, Japan. I had no idea at the time, but seven years later I was to buy one in Osaka. My RV8 (#1595) is now located in Perth, Western Australia. A real pleasure to drive on the open roads down under with the top down, of course!.
Current Owner: Anders Weide
VIN:1609 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
I am the third owner, one in Japan and one in The UK.
In a very good condition with 37 000 km on the clock.
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Godfrey Dennis
VIN:1610 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue.
The car has Spax adjustable shocks, and the Optimax chip with ancilliaries fitted.
I use if frequently in Europe and its a great cruiser
Czech republic
Current Owner: Karel Douša
VIN:1611 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
Bought in the UK and imported to the Czech Republic in 2010-11 by the previous owner. I'm the owner since 3/2018.
UK specifications, 20K miles on purchase, no corrosion (original window frame)....amazing cars.
The Netherlands
Current Owner: Roeland Stassen
VIN:1612 ( UK Spec ) in British Racing Green.
I am the Second owner and bought the car in 2008, always well maintained
The RV8 is my second MG and I'll love that car!
Current Owner: Evelyne Rodrigues-Huguenin
VIN:1621 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
The car is 100% factory original
First registration UK May 1998 The car was former delivered to the MG/Rover/Dealership in Japan and returned unsold to MG/Rover UK
I'm the 2nd owner since 2000. It joined the factory CB MGB/GTV8 of my husband.
For MG/V8's Owners and Enthusiasts in Switzerland have a look at the Web
United Kingdom
Current Owner: Nick Scott
VIN:1624 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
Re imported back to UK in March 2005, I'm the third owner since.
United Kingdom

Current Owner: Bev Standen
VIN: 1636 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Upgraded the ECU with a RPI optimax chip VIN: 1636 (1385th) production car,Re-imported from Japan, and first registered UK Jan 20001, has a genuine 26,000 odd miles As you would expect from a Japanese export specification all the additional extras, AC and CD stacker system.

United Kingdom
Current Owner: Leslie Hughes
VIN: 1640 ( Jap Spec ) in Oxford Blue
The Netherlands

Current Owner: Paul Van Zeventer
VIN: 1672 ( UK Spec ) in Oxford Blue
My MG RV8 is a original Dutch one. It has all the accessories including the rare hardtop. Also has a Tornado chip and sport Koni's. 38000km on the clock.

United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Dave Barton.
VIN. 1681 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Japan Spec with no modifications. I bought this car in August 2015. It was originally in Japan with the first owner until August 1998 when it was re imported to the UK. In the UK it has had 4 owners including me all of whom have done very little milage. This RV8 is an excellent example of the model as it has only covered 7000 miles from new. It looks like a new car, maybe it is the lowest milage model in the UK? Not for long though as it is such a great car that I intend to use it.

Current Owner:
VIN. 1705 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
My car was complied to the Australian
Design Rules by RV8 Cars.
The car is totally original and has all optional equipment and accessories.
Heritage certificate has confirmed all serial numbers including a build date of 15 May 1995.

(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Richard Lomas
VIN: 1708 ( Jap Spec ) in Nightfire Red
Built may 1995 reimported 2002 2 owners since


United Kingdom (Wales)

Current Owner: Richard Hessey-White
VIN: 1709 ( UK Spec ) in Oxford Blue
My RV8 was first registered on 22/05/1995 and until I bought the car it had lived all its life in London. She has travelled 55,000 miles and was looking a little tired. I am now slowly returning the car to her full glory. My daughter has christened her ‘Megan Gee’.



Current Owner: Tony Morris
VIN: 1731 (Jap. Spec) in Nightfire Red
Modified to Australian Standards when imported from Japan. This car was built in 1995 and went Japan, it was imported to Australia in July 2001 and was purchased by Doug Fraser who owned the car until October 2015 when I purchased it. It has done 25,700km. This is a perfect example of an MGRV8 and very original to Japanese spec. It’s a pleasure to drive and own. It now has Vic rego plates MGRV 88 in red.


(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Paul Evans
VIN: 1749 (Jap. Spec) in Oxford Blue
Initially exported to Japan, the car returned to the UK in March 2005. Since then, it has had 5 owners including me since then, having changed hands in 2005, 2012, 2014 and 2017. Fantastic car which is a credit to its former keepers. Fastidiously maintained underneath and mechanically as well as on the surface.


The Netherlands

Current Owner: Leendert Remmelink
The Hague The Netherlands
VIN: 1757 (Jap. Spec) in Oxford Blue
Imported from Japan with 13.500 km April 2008. Bought the car in August last year. Car has just passed 15.000 km. Excellent condition. Performance and noise are great.

(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Barry Kelly
VIN: 1762 ( Jap Spec ) In Oxford Blue
Registered in Japan 1st May 1996 where it covered 20317km. Imported back to UK and registered September 2005. MPH speedo fitted and now has 7,200 on the clock which combined with the Japanese mileage in total is around 20k miles.
I had MGBGT from age 19 (1977) then went sensible (1984) moving back to bonkers with Subaru Impreza Turbos until 2012 when I got a Citroen C1. Now this. Talk about retro vehicle! It's great.
Current Owner: Graham Dolbel
VIN: 1772 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
Privately imported from Japan 2008, Complied under RAWS by Stuart Radcliff July 2013.
The car is in original condition and is used most weekends as it is a joy to drive.
Current Owner: John Hornabrook
VIN: 1781 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
Modifications: Unichip, larger radiator core.
History: Sourced privately in Japan, traded on MGF.Had 27000 kms when delivered here.
Took some sorting out to make a first class road car.
Since done 61000 kms with many of the common problems fixed.
Current Owner: Alexander Bilz
VIN: 1783 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
All original, except a selfmade tool box behind the passsenger seat, where the 2. battery of the MGB is situated. Completed on 15.06.1995 at Cowley. Exported to Japan. Two japanies owners, reimported to UK, one owner, imported to Austria, I am the third owner. No corrosion surround, perfect alloy wheels, bright paint, nice woodden dash and very good leather seats.
(New Zealand)
Current Owner: Tony White
VIN: 1785 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
One owner in japan 15 years ( 20,000ks ) one owner in NZ 11 years ( 25,000ks) Myself in NZ past 1 year.
Enjoying the car which fantastic on our long wide open roads in SI New Zealand.
A number of car rallies and events. Plan to run it regularly over the coming summer.
RPI Chip and electronic ignition upgrade.
Remove cat converters and fit resonators.
Clive Wheatley stainless single rear exhaust.
New adjustable shocks F&R
New water pump.
Relay for manual switch for radiator fan.
Channel Islands
(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Martin Nickolls
VIN: 1790 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
Full History from import date 2004, Beautiful car. Brilliant driving fun. Mods Power Steering, Aluminium Rad, Re-Mapped, Electronic ignition

(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Geoff Mower
VIN: 1806 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
Two owners since returned from Japan
Purchased car in 2014 two owners since returned to UK from Japan,fitted new windscreen,dash,and door trims, RPI Norfolk Re chipped,Hoyle suspension front and rear which has completely change the car to a smoother ride,concourse condition, beautiful car, drives superb. Re-chipped Hoyle suspension front and rear

(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Paul David Seymour
VIN: 1817 ( UK Spec ) In Nightfire Red
Sydney NSW (Australia)

Current Owner: Geoff Lane
VIN: 1818 ( Jap Spec ) In Nightfire Red
Imported from Japan in November 1999 with 9,283 k's on the clock.
The car has now travelled a total of 16,920 k's.
The car is in excellent condition and comes complete with all original accessories

United Kingdom (England)
Current Owner: Ian Herbert
VIN: 1822 ( Jap Spec ) In Woodcote Green
Recent japanese import with 1 owner 20,000 miles. Having owned 2 MGB's this is the car of my dreams.
Modifications: Optimax chip July 2004
1995 1824 Seattle, Washington (United States of America)

Current Owner: David Sell
VIN: 1824 ( Jap Spec ) In Nightfire Red
I am the first US owner of this car.
I believe there might have been 3 UK owners. I'm not sure about the Japanese owners. It is lovely and wonderful to drive.

Current Owner: Phil Heesch
VIN: 1825 (Jap Spec) in Nightfire Red
Installed new cd stacker and new alarm / immobilser. Complete rust proofing with Waxoil clear preservative.
Purchased in June 1999 from Stuart at RV8 Cars in Sydney. imported by them from Japan. Complianced in June 1999 by Stuart. I would like to obtain complete history if possible.
The car had 18,600Kms on the clock and i've now clocked up 29,800kms to date. A great car and a marked difference to my 1970 MGB which I've owned for 30 years. I do miss the electric overdrive though!
Tours (France)
Current Owner: Fred Galland VIN: 1827 (Jap Spec) in Entirely original except front and wings turning lamps converted in white.
Bought by a japanese, then re-imported in UK in 2000. The bought by an english guy living in France in 2003.
I bought the car to him on 23rd feb 2017. I have all the historic papers since the sell in Japan.
Sutton Surry (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Chas Foulsham
VIN: 1843 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
New Koni shocks and Pirelli tyres all round. Otherwise as manufactured.
Japanese re-import in 2008
Absolutely lovely car to drive and in near pristine condition.
Murrumbateman NSW
Current Owner: John and Willy Woods
VIN: 1849 (Jap Spec) in Nightfire Red
Vehicle was sent and auctioned in late 2012.
Since then has been processed and attained compliance May 2013.
The full history documentation is with the car and being processed
Current Owner: Mario Raemmele
VIN: 1855 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Re-impoted from Japan to the UK in 2009, exported to Germany in 2010, I bought the car in 2020. The car has run only 25000 km in Germany
(New Zealand)
Current Owner: Dave Ramsey
VIN: 1882 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Thornton Cleveleys
(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Chris Hurst
VIN: 1893 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Reimported from Japan 2016
Purchased from importer November 2016 reg E19MGR

(New Zealand)
Current Owner: Bruce Sinclair
VIN: 1901 (UK Spec) in Woodcote Green
Imported from Japan to NZ, has had one previous owner
Current Owner: Helmut Reder
VIN: 1919 (UK Spec) in British Racing Green
First registration in 1996
4 owners including myslf mileage: 26K kilometers
I have bougt the car two weeks ago and I am already in love with it.
(United Kingdom)
Current Owner: David Horn
VIN: 1924 (Jap Spec) Woodcote Green
Optimax 3.9 Ecuador chip, magnecore plug leads,RPI amplifier Bosch coil, winds top.
Minilite wheels. Air con. Removed.Re imported from Japan.
Fast car very good for touring. So far very reliable
Current Owner: Rolf Blume
VIN: 1925 (Jap Spec) Woodcote Green
Converted to LHD
The RV8 came from Japan around 2013/14
I bought it today (Oct 2021)
South Northampton Shire (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Chris Adams
VIN: 1939 (Jap Spec) in Oxford Blue
Speedometer being replaced with a MPH version.
Car was originally purchased by Mr. Y Takahama & Mr H Hiroki in Japapn on 08/08/96.
It was then re-imported back to the UK on 10/02/06 when it was purchased by Mr. C Lewis from whom I purchased the car on 10/08/2007
Beautiful car and lovely to drive. Can't wait for the Spring/Summer months to arrive.
1995 1955 Somerset
(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Paddy Gibson
VIN: 1955 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
FSH from Japan. Re-imported to UK in Mar 2008 with 26,500km on the clock.
Imported from Japan Mar 2008. Busily working on it to give it a full service, and fix all the niggly little problems before hopefully a summer of content. Thanks go to Jim and his fantastic website for providing all the information anyone could want - and links for those who wanted more.

1995 1960 Berkshire
(United Kingdom)

Current Owner: Peter Jevons
VIN: 1960 (UK Spec) in Oxford Blue
One owner in Japan
My 10th MG and by far the best, the one I have always dreamt about.


(Western Australia)

Current Owner: Brad Gilchrist
VIN: 1965 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green


Current Owner: Toshiyuki Aizawa
VIN: 1972 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
One owner, Registered 94, Barn find.


Western Cape
(South Africa)

Current Owner: Jon Allen
VIN: 1973 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Car re improted from Japan with approx 1000 miles on clock to Rover dealer Chelmsfor UK where I bought it around april 96 shipped to my home in Cape town nov 2003 where it is now stored, as I work in Europe it gets little exercise.
Kahler Luxembourg
Current Owner: Frank Labruier
VIN: 1984 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Build in august 1995, first registerd on 01.07.1996 in Japan, exported to UK where I bought it in january 2009 with only 6250 miles on the klock. Registerd in Luxembourg on 21.09.2009. The complete history of the car is known. It's a fantastic car
Current Owner: David Brewster
VIN: 1988 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Reconditioned 4.6lt motor, custom alloy radiator, 2 1/2" s/s exhaust
Imported Japan to Australia in 2003 by Jim Brown (Tasmania), purchased by Dene Denny of Geelong Vic, and most recently purchased in 2011 by David Brewster Excellent Condition, 60,000k's. An attractive, unique vehicle that suits cruising country roads. An absolute pleasure to drive.
Current Owner: Henning Von Hauen
VIN: 1990 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green
Current Owner: Phil & Lynne Andrews
VIN: 2006 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green. This car was built late 1995 and imported from Japan to Australia in 2000 showing a total mileage of 2400 Km and in immaculate condition. It has all the normal accessories including cd player and full tonneau cover. Also with the car was a genuine Rover RV8 tailored car cover.
Current Owner: Hans-B Baeumer
VIN: 2008 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green. full STD-equipment and air condition plus optional el-hydr.clutch-system (installed in Japan)
Ex factory shipped to Japan (Sept.1995), re-imported to England in 2009, sold to Germany in 2010, personally purchased in 2016 (2 pre-owners) Car is in excellent condition, current km 48000, Europ.-Stereo and CD-Changer

Current Owner: Melanie Butler
VIN: 2017 (Jap Spec) in Oxford Blue.
2 Owners, bought with 13.000 km, now 17.000 km. I am only driving my MG, when the sun is shining. Later I want to take my MG to Germany.


Current Owner: Scott Burnie
VIN: 2018 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
All original, Australian complied. Missing some minor components that will be replaced as was the car as it left the factory in England.

South Australia
Current Owner: Derek Brammer
VIN: 2047 ( Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Ex Japan - Imported to Australia 2009.
I am the second Australian Owner Purchasing the car in March 2010.
After previously rebuilding and owning a MGB Roadster for 14 years I discovered the RV8. The 'B' was sold and the 'R' now sits in its place. A real pleasure to own and to drive.
Lincolinshire (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Kev Lillywhite
VIN: 2058 ( Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
great car dont be put off by the handling adjust the shockers no more problems
Lincolinshire (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Anthony Cook
VIN: 2061 ( Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
None apart from the RV8 advance & retard pipe kit to convert from the Japanese export configuration to the British standard.
Re-imported from Japan with just 120 miles on the odometer! I purchased the vehicle on 12th August 1998 and have owned it ever since. It has currently done only 11,007 miles and is in or near concours condition.
(Western Australia)
Current Owner: Robert Peel
VIN: 2063 ( Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Current Kilometres: 5,577
Condition: Almost ‘as new’ it still has cellophane covering the inner door sills.
I am currently having great pleasure catching-up on some of the miles that the car
has missed out on from years of being kept in wraps.
Merseyside (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Steve Todd
VIN: 2071 ( Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Import from Japan. Would appreciate any guidance in tracking history, Fantastic car, A real headturner.
Victoria (Australia)
Current Owner: Graeme Davis
VIN: 2080 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
Imported from Japan
Nice to drive vast improvement on the GTV8
Victoria (Australia)
Current Owner: Don Hamilton
VIN: 2083 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green.
As this was a private import - the intrusive modifications were not necessary.
Only mods were - petrol filler cap sticker and radio-retune.
The suspension has since been improved as the factory specs are incorrect.
Previously owned 2 x MGB's and 1 x MGF. I'm very happy with my RV8 its met all my expectations and I look forward to driving it for sometime to come.
Current Owner: Dennis Bowden
VIN: 2088 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
This RV8 came into Australia from japan, it was first registered to Paul Knight (now deceased)
I purchased this RV8 because I know it`s history (Australian history) and know that it has been serviced properly and not abused, it is in very good condition with 55,000km on the clock
North West England, (United Kingdom).
Current Owner: Heath Downes
VIN: 2095 ( Jap Spec )
Built: 16th October 1995
Registered in Japan in 1997
Imported back into the UK in July 2002
Has all original accessories. Woodcote green. Only 2700km was recorded on speedo. Just fitted UK mph speedo.
1996 2110 Queensland (Australia)

Current Owner: Martin Spant
VIN: 2110 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Second owner from new and imported the car from Japan - complied by RV8 Australia.
All original and currently only 3,600 km on the clock!

1996 2114 Perth
(Western Australia)
Current Owner: John Robertson
VIN: 2114 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Apart from all the modifications to be licensed in Australia moved the air intake in front of the radiator.
Imported into Japan ~ 1996,
Imported into Australia ~ 2007
Purchased by current owner October 2009 Km 8697
1996 2117 Welling (United Kingdom) Current Owner: Stuart White
VIN: 2117 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Repatriated from Japan, Almost Perfect
1996 2124 Manchester (United Kingdom) Current Owner: Mike Shelley
VIN: 2124 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Reimported from Japan, Immaculate, 15000 miles since new.
1996 2162 Mandurah
(Western Australia)
Current Owner: Brian Dalton
VIN: 2162 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
New bumpstops, remote distributor module, Installed alloy overflow tank, Power steering fitted. Purchased car 2007 from MG Centre Sydney or RV8 Cars run by Stuart Ratcliff. Imported from Japan and I am first Australian owner. 16,000kms when purchased and done 60,000Kms. Great for touring Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia when attending National Meetings.
1996 2167 Sittard (The Netherlands) Current Owner: Harry Henssen
VIN: 2167 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Originally planned adjustable shock absorbers bij Koni, electric power steering
first owner. Bought the car from stock of the Rover importer in 1997 (first registration) when I lived in Japan. Took it home to the Netherlands after that
1996 2185 Knutsford (United Kingdom) Current Owner: Paul Gregory
VIN: 2185 (UK Spec) in Nightfire Red
Power Steering, Full History, 15000 miles from new.
1996 2186 Ashford (United Kingdom) Current Owner: Karl Foot
VIN: 2186 (Jap Spec) in Nightfire Red
Keeping standard as when came out of factory
I am the 5th owner current mileage about 27.500 miles
I have owned a mgb before was always a dream to purchase a rv8 in nightfire red
NRW (Germany)
Current Owner: Juergen R. Krause
VIN: 2209 ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green. Was reimported into Germany from Japan. My car is in excellent condition and is only used for pleasure.
Austria (Vienna)
Current Owner: Dr Werner Wiessmann
VIN: 2214 ( British Spec ) in Oxford Blue
I've always been a British car enthusiast and currently own 3 British cars, 2 jaguars and of course my beloved MGRV8.
Berkshire (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: Chris Yates
VIN: 2221 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
I am second owner. First owner bought car in Japan where he was working and came back to the UK with the car.
West Susses (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: James Munro
VIN: 2225 (Jap Spec) in Woodcote Green
Date of UK registration 15.05.02. Year of manufacture recorded by DVLA as 1997.
Purchased from private seller through Beech Hill Garage, Reading.
Kent Southern  (United Kingdom)
Current Owner: John Horton
VIN: 2233 ( Last Production Car made ) ( Jap Spec ) in Woodcote Green.
The car was reimported to Jersey (channel islands) UK in 1999. Now resides Kent Southern England. 22miles on
clock when I got it.
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