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MG RV8 Launch & Manufacture

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RV8 Launch & Manufacture

( MG RV8 The Manufacturing Story | 1993 Tokyo Motor Show | RV8 Production )



The Manufacturing Story is a brilliant research paper by Christopher Allan and George Wilder.  The book contains invaluable facts gained from actual manufacturing documents and the interviews with many of the actual production team who built the RV8. What makes this book different and special is the fact it details all the individual steps and process undertaken in a low volume assembly facility. The book also contains extensive records from the British Motor Heritage Records as well as photos of the RV8 build during its assembly. This book is highly recommended to all RV8 owners and enthusiasts.



This show was the turning point for the new MGR V8 and Rover Japan was flooded with hundreds of orders. The Woodcote Green RV8 looked stunning under the lighting and the MGRV8 became the Star of the Motor Show.
In fact the Woodcote Green Car looked so good that customers were heard saying “I’ll have that colour over and over again” which is testament to the huge choice of this colour.

RV8 Production

The Following information & pictures were kindly supplied by Rod Brayshaw
Rod has a long association with MG's and runs the MG Car Company of New Zealand.

In 1993 Rod was invited to the United Kingdom by David Bishop and subsequently toured the Faringdon Factory
where the RV8 shells were being assembled. He also attended the RV8 release at Birmingham Motor Show.

Birmingham Motor Show and the Launch of the MGRV8   Overview of the factory floor at the start of RV8 body shell (Note TR6 body lower section of the picture   Picture of the RV8 shell production at Farington factory. The bodies being assembled are shell numbers 14,15,16. (Note All body shell panels are zinctec)


RV8 Front & Rear sections being joined   RV8 Rear Section   RV8 Front Section


Front section Floor Pan and Rear Wings assembled   Right side view of the Front section Floor Pan and Rear Wings assembled   RV8 shell on rotating frame for underneath welding


RV8 Door and Boot Lid Components   RV8 Bonnet and Door Components


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