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MG RV8 Equipment


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Almost all Ex-Japanese RV8 imports arrive without some of those illusive little bits and pieces,
ie: tool kits, torches, CD stackers, flares, log books, jack, wheel brace and wheel chocks.
This section is therefore aimed at assisting Owners identify and trace any items they have missing.

RV8 Tool Kit Tool Kits: The genuine original tool kits included, 8 spanners each with open and ring ends, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm,17mm - 7/16", 1/2", 9/16" 5/8" - 3 screwdrivers 
(1 flat & 2 Phillips head) 1 pr. 6" pliers & one 6" adjustable spanner all tools are branded "Britool" The set also includes an allen key for the centre wheel cover removal and a special security wheel nut socket (the allen key & wheel nut are unbranded). A black oblong torch (approx. 6cm x 10cm x 2.5cm) with a rotating head, the head also acts as the on/off switch when rotated. The torch also has a lanyard attached and takes 2 "C" type batteries. The final item being a blue & white battery removal strap.
The entire contents (listed above) is beautifully housed in a reddish brown tool roll with an embossed brown MG logo sewn on the outside. The roll is then closed with a press stud strap.
Signal Flare Flare (emergency) : On the passenger side foot well there is a black plastic bracket which holds a roadside emergency flare. The flare is marked "Rover" and bright red in colour. (most re-imported RV8's have the flare missing or have a small black plastic torch substituting its absence). I have also learnt that some shipping companies remove the flares as they are a possible fire hazard.
Log Books: Original log books are in most cases missing from imported Japanese RV8's. These books (in Japanese) are not considered important by most new owners, however they still document the vehicle history and are important to the serious enthusiast. (I have personally found Japanese acquaintances only too willing to translate).
Log Books: Original (English Version) Log Book Literature Pack: in leatherette pouch.

Literature Pack: ( No Longer Available), but a CD is offered in its place, which contains the handbook and copies of the technical manuals. Price for CD £49.95(GBP)

NB. Clive Wheatley has now reproduced the original workshop manual and can be purchased through (price is £45.95 GBP)

Rover Dealers MG RV8 Maintenance Check Sheet:
For 100 mile service, B service, C service.


CD Stacker. CD Stacker Unit: Once again most re-imported RV8's arrive without CD Stackers. The stacker mount is located inside the boot next to the left hand tail light assembly. 
Next to the stacker mount will be found 3 wires and on each wire a plug socket. A closer examination of these sockets will (in most cases) reveal a purpose made insulation cup over the end of each socket which will immediately dispel the theory that the stackers were stolen in transit, as no thief would remove the CD stacker and then take the trouble to place insulation caps over the sockets. Further inquiries have revealed not all RV8's were sold / supplied with CD stackers (optional equipment) and this is the reason for the special insulation caps.
Jack/Wheel Brace/Wheel Chocks Jack / Wheel Brace Socket / Wheel Chocks: In most cases the jack & wheel brace are with the car and are of the correct types. 
However the wheel chocks are quite rare and I have only seen about a dozen sets.
(I can only assume the original owners disposed of them rather than having them clanging around in the boot). 
All the above items are painted black. The jack also has bright yellow stickers on each side of the jack showing methods of use.
MG RV8 Torches TORCH: Each and every RV8 was supplied with a tool kit containing a small torch.

The torches are of two distinctive types.
First Type : resembles a regular torch, however this torch is covered with a black waterproof coating.
The overall length is 16cm and has an "Ever Ready" brand above the switch button.
The torch is powered by 2 double A batteries.

Second type: is constructed of black plastic and oblong in shape measuring 10cm X 6cm X 2.5cm.
The torch has a rotating head which also acts as the on/off switch when rotated.
There is also a black lanyard attached and the torch is powered by 2 "C" type batteries.

Information and Mat Clips FLOOR MAT CLIPS: These little metal clips were also supplied with each new RV8.
The clips were used to firmly anchor the loose floor mats and prevent them sliding under the drivers feet.
(Most owners will however consider the clips insignificant but they were original equipment with each new set of floor mats).
Original MG Key Ring

EARLY ORIGINAL MGRV8 KEY FOB: These carried the cars VIN number and were supplied with the original prototypes. ( RV8 Chassis No. 900028 and also the car registration No. K13 MGR )

Picture Kindly Supplied by Dr Steve Ellams

MG Key Ring MGRV8 KEY RING: First owners were presented with a handsome MG Key Ring.
Description: The key ring is manufactured from leather, the outer boarder is brown to which a black octagonal is sown and
above this octagonal the new MG Emblem is mounted . 
Keys are attached and removed via a "D" shackle which substitutes the usual split ring.
These key holders are quite rare as initial owners souvenir them as a keepsake.
MG Key Ring MGRV8 ALARM TRANSMITTER OPERATION TAG: This tag was attached to the ignition keys when the first owner collected the keys from the dealer.
The keys also had attached a small metal tag 10mm X 30mm with the vehicles ignition key number inscribed.
MGRV8 Special Tools

MG RV8 SPECIAL SERVICE TOOLS: With the release of the MG RV8 18 Nominated Dealers set out in Service Letter 24793 were supplied with a board containing 13 Special RV8 service tools. These tools were in additional to the other dealer service tools already in use.

Picture Kindly Supplied by Dr Steve Ellams


RV8 FLOOR MATS: Offered as optional equipment, the mats were tailor made to fit snuggley into the foot wells. The deep pile mats have bound edges and have the MG emblem on each.
HALF TONNEAU COVER/SUPPORTING BOWS AND POUCH: As standard equipment all RV8's were provided with with a half tonneau cover which fitted neatly over the hood when folded down. The cover is supported by a 2 piece bow which slots neatly into brackets behind the seats. Both tonneau cover and bows are housed in the special purpose black vinyl bag.

When not fitted it is stored in the above black vinyl bag.

RV8 Space Saver Wheel:
Space Saver Wheel Displaying RV8 Part Number ZKC-5997. This wheel is extremely rare and comes with a half inch spacer bolted to the inside of the wheel. The wheel is fitted with Michelin TEX 125/80 R15 tyre. Photos of wheel courtesy of Steve Beale owner of 0786.
Picture shows: Half Inch Spacer bolted to the inside of the wheel
Picture shows: RV8 Part Number ZKC-5997

RV8 Car Safe: This number ZKC6482,

This is a very rare accessory when availanble the price was listed at 22,800 yen ($312 AUD).

Photo and information supplied by Stuart Ratcliffe (RV8 Cars Australia)
MG RV8 CAR COVER: Rover Japan provided an original RV8 Car Cover which was offered as an accessory. The cover was tailor made to fit the RV8 with MG emblem. ( Item provided with thanks from Phil Andrews Owner of 2006.)
Another Picture of a MG RV8 CAR COVER

RV8 HARDTOPS: Are an after market option and where initially supplied by Krafthaus.

( pictures supplied by Dr Werner Weissmann )

Stand supporting hard top optional extra


RV8 HARDTOPS: Are an after market option and where initially supplied by Krafthaus.

The hard tops were produced for a very limited time and few were actually produced. The main reason being firstly the price and then around £2200 Breitish Pounds and secondly the manufacturer realised the RV8 market was very small and would not continue to grow.

( pictures supplied by Dr Werner Weissmann )

Hardtop is fully upholstered in matching leather

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