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Top Gear MGRV8 Test Drive MGRV8 1993 Rover
Technical Reveal Video
MGRV8 Dealer Launch Video


Hand Books

MGRV8 Owners Handbook MGRV8 Technical Reveal Handbook



Available from the

V8 Register in the UK

RV8 Engine Overhaul Manual

RV8 Repair Manual

RV8 LT77S Gearbox Overhaul Manual

RV8 R380 Gearbooks Overhaul Manuals


David Knowles

Is a celebrated and brilliant motoring author. He is an acknowledged expert on MG’s and has been researching and writing on the marque for over 25 years. David’s books are exceptionally accurate and highlight his research and engineering background.
His books covering the RV8, The Untold story, Twenty–One Years On & MG V8 are a must for any MGRV8 Enthusiast.

Disclaimer:- Some of this information was gathered from David Knowles Brilliant Publications


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