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RV8 Specials

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RV8 Specials

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This RV8GT has been meticulously built by Philip Jones to RV8 Specification.
The transition involved 2 donor cars, an MGBGT and an accident damaged RV8 from which the parts were sourced.
The project took over 12 months and involved may hours of modifying the MGBGT to accept the RV8 parts.

After completing his RV8GT Philip used the remaining bits and pieces to create another original an RV8 Trailer.

For more in depth details concerning this fabulous special see MG World Magazine November 2003 Issue.
*Special Thanks To Philip Jones for allowing us to post his picture on our site.

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American RV8 Special

Owner: Scott Miller (Ohio USA) ([email protected])

This RV8 Special was conceived and constructed by Scott utilising mostly original RV8 parts and the clever utilisation of other available automotive parts.

Firstly a complete set of RV8 panels and a body shell modified by Heritage to eliminate the specific MGB sheet metal & adding RV8 sills, rear trunk panel and front shuttle panel.
The body shell was then modified to LHD to make it more compliant with US standards / regulations.
Drivetrain: a new Crossbolt 4 litre short block motor with ported heads was utilised as the power plant.
Transmission: Rover LT77 and differential is a standard MGB 3.9
Wheels: 16 inch Compomotive wheels with 205/55/16 front and 225/50/16 rear tyres.
Interior: has been upgraded to full leather with power windows and door locks.
Air-conditioning: was accomplished without compromising passenger leg room. A Vintage Air conditioning / heating unit replaces the standard RV8 heater unit. The rest of the system is pure RV8.
Finally new RV8 parts were utilised throughout the rest of the project wherever possible.

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Owner / builder Peter Dever (Hunter MG Car Club) used 2 complete donor cars to create his MG RV8 GT Special.
The RV8 parts were sourced from a damaged imported RV8 and a MGB GT.
The project has taken Peter 12 months and has involved many modifications to the MGB GT to accept the RV8 panels and running gear.

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Customized RV8

Colin Shea ( Japanese Auto Dealer ), has emailed some very interesting pictures of a recently auctioned RV8 in japan.
VIN 1465 has subjected to extreme and dramatic customizing.



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RV8 Trailer

Shown below is Tim Hipwell's new addition to complement his Oxford Blue RV8.
(formally Phillip Jones' RV8 Trailer)
The trailer was constructed from an RV8 write off and then modified to it present form.
Tim then redesigned an MGB (chrome bumper) towbar to suit the RV8 configuration.
This was achieved by cutting a rectangular hole through the RV8 rear bumper behind the rear number plate and the towbar hitch slotted into the towbar. The 7 pin electrics are hidden behind the rear bumper out of view.
This clever design allows the RV8 to look unchanged once the towbar hitch is removed

The following pictures detail how the RV8 towbar construction was carried out.

RV8 and Trailer on recent camping holiday.   Picture shows rear half of written off RV8.
Rear bumper showing access hole for hitch bar.   Rear bumper refitted to car with access hole.
Hitch bar before fitting   Hitch bar fitted.
Trailer fitted to hitch bar with electrics connected.
This clever conversion was also designed to ensure the trailer was perfectly level with the car.
  Rear of RV8 with hitch bar removed and all signs of the conversion now hidden behind the number plate.

*Special thanks to Tim Hipwell for allowing us to post his trailer and tow bar conversion.

(United Kingdom)
Current Owners: Anthony Mcmahon
VIN: 0646 ( UK Spec ) in Woodcote Green
BGT roof, front and rear steel fabricated box guards, 11"x16" rears and 10"x16" fronts. Titanio opaco grey paintwork. Engine works by Grace Engine Developments include: gas-flowed heads, heavy duty valve springs, Kent H214K fast road cam, AT power throttle bodies, ASNU performance injectors, Emerald K6 EMS, rolling road tune 254 bhp, 270 lb/ft.
Japanese RV8 reimported and registered in the UK in 2001. Redesign by Brook Anderson completed in 2013. After it's engineering inspection, the DVLA have recorded on the V5 registration documents that the car is an MGRV8 coupe

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