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MG RV8 Bulletin Board

The MG Car Club of New South Wales ( Sydney) -

This club is highly recommended to all MG Owners and Enthusiasts.

Line of Club RV8's

MGRV8 Ignition and Timing Settings

With the release of the brilliant book “The Manufacturing Story” the following was revealed.
After extensive research and investigations by the writers of this book an interesting fact was revealed about the RV8 Ignition Timing and settings which is contrary to previous understanding.
The manufacturing records revealed there is no evidence of any different ignition timing between UK , European and Japanese built cars.
This was also supported by Ian Pogson the engineer responsible for the power chain program.
It should also be noted none of the workers on the assembly knew of any difference or modification.


I have been trying to establish the exact VIN Number, front wheel arches ceased being fitted to exported RV8's to Japan.
From the information received so far the change point occurred between VIN's 1242 with front wheel arches and 1250 without front wheel arches.
Therefore any owners with RV8's between these VIN's I would welcome your input as to whether your car has flanges or not.
Thankyou Jim Dolbel  For Current Finding click here (link courtesy of UK


RV8 Imports into Australia are to resume following accreditation under the new Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWS) legislation by Australia.


This new legislation followed a review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act of 1989 by the Federal Government which suspended RV8 Imports into Australia on 8 May 2003.

The new legislation arrangements included the introduction of a Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) to determine the eligibility of vehicles for importation and replaced the (bulk) old type approvals under the Australian Design Rules (ADR) with a vehicle by vehicle compliance approval by Registered Automotive Workshops.

This new legislation now requires each type of vehicle to be crash tested (all imported vehicles less than 15 years old) to meet the new requirements.

Under the new scheme only RAWS approved workshops will be able to comply vehicles to the Australian Design Rules.

Stuart Radcliff of RV8 Cars Australia can be contacted : [email protected]

For more Information :

RV8 Bump Stops

Stuart Ratcliff ( MG Centre Sydney ) has a stock or remanufactured polyurethane bump stops. These have been manufactured to the highest quality in the original colour.

price $110 + $10 postage within Australia. This price for a set of 4

All inquiries :-phone Stuart 9674 2621 or email:- [email protected]

RV8 Fuel Filler Neck Seal

Stuart Ratcliff owner of “The MG Centre of Sydney” has a supply of “RV8 Fuel Filler Neck Seals “ and these are available through his business.
Phone 02 9674 2621 or Email: [email protected]

RV8 MG Badge

Stuart Ratcliff has a supply of RV8 Badges in stock and these are available from the MG Centre of Sydney. Ph. 02 9674 2621 or Email: [email protected]


RV8 owners can now purchase Heritage Certificates for there cars. The Certificates will confirm your vehicles details as when it left
the factory. The certificate also confirms the date of build as well as any extra factory fitted equipment. The certificates can be purchases online
at which also excepts credit and charge card payments. Certificates cost £43 sterling plus postage and handling.


I have received several requests for information regarding the high rise stop light fitted to Australian rv8's.
The Light is made by Hella part no 5242 ( aka universal cabrio stop light ).
The high rise stop light may also be purchased through RV8 Cars Australia ( [email protected] )


The number of MG RV8's in Australia has now reached 244.
This information has been established and verified from the Vehicle Import Approval Records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (plus applicaiton fee).

Should you wish to have information post on this pages please click here.

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